Technical Support

Technical Support

A team of 30 chemical professionals, including 1 doctor and 6 graduate students, has professional on-the-spot experience and the ability to synthesize difficult compounds.

An area of 1100 M2 is equipped with 25 fume hoods, glass reactors and other small organic chemical synthesis equipment, high performance liquid chromatograph and gas chromatograph.

The R & D center of the company actively carries out industry university research cooperation and has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with scientific research institutes such as Institute of biology of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Chengdu), Sichuan University, Sichuan Agricultural University and Southwest University of science and technology.

Technical advantage

We have multiple production lines, which can meet the multi-functional production lines from gram level to 100 ton level.

It can carry out various complex reactions, such as chiral resolution with enzyme participation; Noble metals participate in anhydrous and oxygen free reactions such as catalytic coupling reaction and Grignard reaction.

We have R & D team to support our rapid and stable process development, optimization and amplification. There are 5-10 new commercial projects in.